Healthy Snacks For Kids and Busy People 


  • Are you a mom with young kids that say they hungry ALL THE TIME and you wish you had something you can give them without feeling bad about the ingredients?
  • Are you looking for healthy snacks that are safe to send to school for lunch?
  • Are you looking for snacks that are affordable and don’t break the bank?
  • Do you work fulltime and wish you could pack something for your lunch that tastes like a treat but is actually packed with goodness that nourishes your body?
  • Are you looking for a snack that is non-perishable and has a long shelf life? Something you can carry in your purse and keep in your car for these crazy whiny moments we all have with the kids?

Introducing the “Healthy Snacks Project”!

I have partnered with two manufacturers (Sweets From The Earth and NaturPax) to bring your family great quality snacks!

Hi, my name is Dorit Palvanov, I am a wife and mom of three kids under age 8 and a registered holistic nutritionist and founder of Health Begins With Mom.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am uber picky about the food I allow in my home. I believe that quality matters. A lot!

However, as a busy mom of three kids under age 8, I don’t always have time to prepare fresh snacks on the go. I value and appreciate good quality snacks that I can just grab and give to my kids without feeling guilty and without breaking the bank.

I have been on the hunt for healthy snacks for years and could never find something that my kids enjoy, priced fairly and is approved for schools! Almost all good quality snacks, sold in stores, contain nuts or other allergens and as a result, are not allowed in schools.

Dorit’s Tip: I keep a ziplock bag in my car with these snacks at all times for emergency situations and use them as “mute buttons” for when my kids are super whiny (a result of low blood sugar). This happens especially after I pick them up from school since we have about 20 minutes until we get home. I do my best to bring sliced veggies as much as I can, but as a backup plan, I always have these snacks with me, which my kids love.

Dorit’s tip: Be clear with your kids that snacks are not treats! Treats are things like candy, cookies, cakes, and other sweets (aka “parents’ enemies”). Snack is basically food that is quick to grab, has minimal cleanup (or none), and can be eaten anywhere or on the go. Explain that food and healthy snacks have little soldiers inside of them that protect the body and help it grow, stay strong, and kill bad guys that want to get it. Treats, on the other hand, weaken these soldiers, they carry tiny shovels that break our teeth and drives their brain crazy. Kids want to do good and feel successful, it is up to us to be consistent with this messaging and model positive relationship with food.  

After years of searching, I finally found snacks that my kids really like, affordable and approved for schools! In fact, these snacks were designed specifically for schools and camps and I’m delighted to bring them to your family!

Snacks include options that are:

  • nut free
  • gluten-free
  • certified vegan
  • Kosher
  • sesame free (applies only to SFTE)
  • dairy free
  • egg free
  • Soy-free (Naturpax facility is not soy-free but this particular product is soy-free. SFTE are not soy-free).
  • non-GMO

Both companies manufacture their snacks in facilities that hold the highest health and safety certifications.

SFTE – All school products are made in a nut-free facility, which means they may contain gluten. If you are looking to get something that is gluten-free I recommend choosing the NaturPax brand.

These snacks are not available in retail stores!

Click below to view and order all available NaturPax products:

naturepax blueberrynaturepax bananaNaturPax Apple CinnamonNaturPax Maple cranberry

Click on images below to view and order all products from Sweets From The Earth:

Sweets From The Earth - Superfood Bar
Superfood Bar
rice krispies
Crispy Rice Bar (aka Rice Krispies)
ultimate oatmeal cookie sweets from the earth
Ultimate Oatmeal Cookies

Please expect that ordering first time will take a bit longer than usual but your future orders should be fairly quick.

A personal note from Dorit:
I am still working on figuring out how to set this up properly so that it is easy for you to order and efficient for me to manage. If you are confused about ordering and/or shipping prices please do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact form below. All you need to do is ask!

Have questions? Send me a message

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