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Hey there, sexy mama!

Have you ever thought…

‘Am I ever going to get my body back?

‘Why am I gaining weight like crazy?’

‘Will I ever feel sexy again?’

‘Why don’t I want sex anymore?’

“I should have been further along by now”

‘What happened to me?’


I know how you feel.

Does your life feel:



Like you have zero time for self?

Complicated, unmotivating, and uninspiring?

Do you feel like you…

Are never present with your kids?

Are always yelling?

Have no energy to connect with your husband?

Are drowning in logistics and house work?

Are trapped and caged within the walls of your own home?

Health is declining?

You want more out of life. I get it.

You crave flow, ease, freedom, simplicity, magnetism, joy. 


But maybe you’re not sure how to get more.

I promise you, it’s all possible 

There’s a better, easier way for women to live, love, work, parent and play.


You’re ready to feel sexy and alive again. 

However, you feel ‘sucked dry’ because you’ve been giving from an empty place for way too long.

You Deserve To Feel Confident, Strong, Energized and Sexy!


It all begins with learning to live in the flow.

Living in the flow is living in alignment with your Feminine Current.

Do you want:

to feel sexy again?

heads turning when you walk by?

your body back?

that libido back?

Do you want to want more sex?

Yes? Awesome! 

Join my revolutionary health program for women called The Feminine Current Course!


The Feminine Current Course:


You can:

Carve out more time for play,

Make your kids listen the first time you ask,

Enjoy delicious salads, cheesecake and cookies,

Feel romance and sexiness again,

Without feeling guilty for taking care of yourself and saying ‘No’ to sex night after night. 

I’ll teach you how to:

    • Understand the power of your body
    • Use your hormones to your advantage
    • Make connections between the six female markers
    • Drop the habits you hate, and  pick up habits you never thought possible
    • Make your own happiness a priority, by taking small steps


    What’s included in the course:

    1. Six Group Coaching Sessions (90 minute each) teaching you more about women’s health, nutrition and the six female markers. Each session will begin with a training  and close with a group discussion and Q&A.


    2. All lessons will be recorded and sent to you via email. You will have unlimited access to this course including future updates.


    3. Female Daily Tracking accountability – I will personally check your female markers and help you put two and two together to see the full picture of what is going on in your body.


    4. Secret Facebook group where you can share your FEMALE daily tracking sheets (you don’t have to), and experiences as you progress with the course, as well as get feedback from me and the group.


    5. Access to me via email and Voxer (for further questions) throughout the course.


    6. Cycle Syncing Recipes (All recipes are family friendly, most are 10 ingredients or less, take less than 30 minutes to make, and easy!). I’ve designed this course for busy moms, so feeding yourself will never feel like a chore ever again!

    Bonus for action takers: if you purchase this course by July 18th, you’ll get an exclusive 1:1 60-minute coaching session with me (spaces are limited to six spaces only, so take action fast! 

    This course is the first step in unleashing your sex drive.

    This course is for you if: 

    You are out of alignment emotionally: 

    * You’re so tired you’re afraid you’ll get into a car accident because you fell asleep at the wheel

    * You scroll through your phone until it’s midnight, when you know you need to be sleeping 

    * You end up eating junk off your kids’ plates [when you remember to eat at all]

    * You find yourself yelling at your husband and the kids at home, but pretend like everything is great when you go out

    * You’re taking antidepressants and want to get off of them but afraid of side-effects

    * You “eat your feelings”

    * You feel out of control emotionally

    Your body is already manifesting physical symptoms:

    * Your bloodwork says you’re healthy but you know something is not right

    * You’re not physically able to keep up with your busy and rushed lifestyle. 

    * You get sick often, or you got sick a lot as a child. (Perhaps your adenoids and/or tonsils were removed in childhood)

    * You have a thyroid condition which runs in your maternal line

    * You have digestive issues and sometimes you feel embarrassed in public (i.e. bloating, cramps, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn)

    * You’ve been dieting for as long as you can remember

    * You want to ditch the prescriptions

    * You have issues with your period (missed periods, heavy and painful flow, PMS symptoms, PCOS, etc)

    * You’ve experienced swollen feet, acne, period problems, inflammation due to the Depo-Provera shot, Post-pill symptoms

    * You’ve had miscarriages

    * You’ve struggled with infertility 

    * You exercise regularly but still gain weight and struggle to keep it off

    * You have a low sex drive but you used to love sex!

    This course is NOT for you if: 

    • You like complaining. Taking action is for the birds.

    • You like lying to yourself. Self-improvement isn’t real anyway.

    • You don’t need any guidance, you’re totally fine. 

    • You hate groups of supportive, caring women.

    What Other Women Are Saying

    “I remember when I first started working with Dorit. 

    I was scared about how uncomfortable I was doing the seemingly simplest of things, such as walking into a supermarket. It was such an energy leak for me to not choose something from my emotional eating backpack, for example, chocolate or soft drinks. 

    Dorit taught me how to recognize that what my higher self wanted and what my current body (at the time) was telling me, were two completely different things. 

    Our bodies want to heal and Dorit’s program gave me the opportunity to see, learn and do just that. 

    My entire vocabulary around how I used to talk to myself has completely shifted. She’s helped me understand and fully embody who I am as a woman, wife, and mother. I’m more present for my daughter, in a way that I could only dream about a couple of years ago. 

    The way I live my life and my awareness as a whole has completely shifted thanks to Dorit and her program.” 

    Felicity Blore

    I did my sessions with Dorit in the middle of an unexpectedly chaotic transition in my life. The work we did together allowed me to not only survive the transition but thrive and grow. 

    She led me through embodiment movement to release stuck energy, emotional inner work and unpacking some really personal and deep wounds. After we were done, I felt lighter, freer, and ready to take on my life in a whole new way. 

    She lead me to a calm inside of me deeper than I thought possible. 

    You are so much more powerful and magical than you know.

    Dorit can lead you to the magic that’s already inside you.”  

    Stephanie Renaud

    Meet Your Coach – Dorit Palvanov, BA, RHN

    I’m a trilingual chika who immigrated twice (once from the Soviet Union to Israel, and from Israel to Canada) with a passion for salsa dancing, a reverence for life, the female body and the healing power of sex. 

    I’m married to the love of my life, now a mama of three daughters. 

    With a fantasy to be the “best mom in the world” I jumped into married-life and baby-making, only to realize this was nothing like I thought it would be… 

    Where’s the “happily ever after”?! 

    I wanted to raise my kids peacefully and consciously, while having a thriving marriage, traveling the world and own a kickass business where I express my creativity and help people. 

    Instead of traveling the streets of Greece, I found myself drowning in laundry, a sink full of dishes, screaming kids, wiping asses, making meals (that were never ready on time),  and living with clutter, chaos, exhaustion and burnout. 

    Is this all there is? Are you kidding me? This it IT?

    This is what ‘happily ever after looks like? Is this a joke?

    If Cinderela only knew…

    Five years ago, I picked up the mountains of laundry, dishes, diapers, and dinners in one huge pile and threw it out the door. 

    I knew my life was meant for more, but I was going to have to make it happen. 

    No one could do it for me. 

    It was time for action. 

    Now I prioritize myself above everyone else (even the hubby and the kids).

    I proudly sway my hips on the daily, laugh as loud as possible, and have a healthy and nourishing sex life. 

    A registered holistic nutritionist and a female desire coach in private practice since May 2012. 

    I’m the founder and host of the weekly show – Health Begins With Mom Podcast and the creator of the groundbreaking health program for women called The Feminine Current Course. 

    I’m the go-to source of inspiration for no-nonsense women’s health, desire and sex coaching for busy moms. 

    I’ve turned my struggle into service and now take moms from ‘sucked dry’ to feeling confident, energized and sexy as a woman, wife and woman.

    Frequent Questions & Answers

    How does the course work?

    This is a live group coaching program where we will be meeting once a week for six weeks. We will begin lessons with training done by me, and then open it up for questions. You should allocate about 90 minutes for each session. All lessons will be recorded and shared with you via email.

    How long will I get to keep the course material?

    This course is yours for life! As long as I live, it is yours 🙂 
    Here’s a cool perk for you – every time I update the course curriculum, you will get access to the newest version for free! Even if the price goes up for future students. 

    Who is this course for?

    This revolutionary health program for women is designed for women who want to improve their sex drive and thrive inside of their female body. It is designed to take you from feeling ‘sucked dry’ to feeling strong, energized and sexy again. It is also designed for women who crave more ease, flow, and joy in their lives.
    We are hard-wired for pleasure and I want you to tap more into what you deserve.

    Will this really help me?

    If you know that you are ready for change, are done with commiserating and suffering and are ready for change then this will work! As long as you stay open and coachable you will benefit from this program. The more you overthink it, the less likely it is to work for you. Lean in, trust the process and enjoy the ride!

    What's your refund policy?

    I want you to feel safe and clear as you decide to purchase this course. It’s an investment in you, and it’s important that you feel prepared to take this step.

    There are some gross practices out there when it comes to online courses, we’ve all seen it. I don’t want you to feel that way as you work with me.
    So here’s the policy for this course:
    You have two weeks to try out the course. Do the work, ALL OF IT, for two weeks.
    If you feel you didn’t get any value out of the course, simply send us all of your completed homework before August 8, 2019. Please take note of this date. I will not be issuing refunds after August 8, 2019.
    I want you to be crystal clear. You must let me know before August 8th. As soon as you return your completed homework, you’ll receive a prompt refund.
    This complete money-back guarantee is only available for two weeks after your purchase, and you must send us your completed homework.
    If you’re not able to show us your completed work, we can’t offer the refund. We want you to get started, jump in and go for it. This course is for serious women who are ready to thrive. If that doesn’t sound like you, you may want to consider a different course.

    Can you guarantee results?

    No. I can’t guarantee specific results or increased libido.
    That’ll be up to you and the work you put into this course. 

    Will I want to have more sex at the end of the course?

    If you follow the feminine current course like I have designed it, you’ll know why your sex desire is off as well as what to do in order to tweak it for next time.
    I’ll walk you step by step, one female marker at a time so you learn what to pay attention to, and how to make sense of it all.

    Once you do have an opportunity for intimacy, you’ll have greater body awareness and you should enjoy your body more as a result.  

    My promise to you! 

    In this course, I’m going to give you everything I’ve got.

    I won’t hold back.

    But in order for this to work I need you to show up for yourself. 

    Get up.

    Lift your head.

    Straighten those shoulders.

    Wipe those tears.

    Start taking massive action.

    Your better and more fulfilling sex life is just around the corner.

    I’ll see you in the course

    We begin on July 25th, 2019!

    To your sexy,



    Own Your Life. Trust Your Body. Reclaim Your Sexy. 

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