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Welcome to the Busy Moms Get Healthy Village!

You’ve heard the saying It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, and I’ve created this virtual village for all of us moms, caretakers, nannies, or anyone who’s raising children as a resource and a safe place we need in order to do the hardest job we’ll ever love, which is to raise good people and a healthy family.

Join The Village Here

A Few Rules I wanted you to keep in mind:

1. If you see a post someone posted and have something constructive to say, you are welcome to comment and share your wisdom and experience.

2. You are always welcome to ask questions, get support, encouragement, validation, practical advice, or just stay connected to other women.

3. I encourage reaching out to each other and cultivating a sisterhood. Only when we rise together as a collective of women and moms can we grow and evolve and never feel alone.

4. This is NOT a place for complaining, bad mouthing, bullying, etc. I moderate every post and if I see something that is not in alignment with the values of this group, it will be deleted. I do not want drama or negativity in this group!

5. We talk a lot about nutrition, feeding, parenting, motherhood, marriage and much more, but the bigger theme here is how can we, mothers, create and cultivate healthy homes in a holistic way – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically?

In most cases, we are the ones bringing the message of health to our homes, and my intention here is to help you do it in a mindful but also practical and sustainable way.

Remember, this is never about the broccoli! Your goal as a parent is to establish good habits and help children to have a positive relationship with food.

This group is for women who believe in deliberate and intentional living who are solution oriented and are courageous enough to admit there is a problem they are faced with and actively look for a solution.

I want all of us to rise up, own our power not only as women but also as leaders of our homes.

If there is something you struggle with, please DO NOT HESITATE TO REACH OUT FOR HELP! I believe that there is a solution to every problem, but if you don’t ask for help this problem will forever stay and seem unsolvable.

Other resources available for you:

1. Health Begins With Mom Podcast – a weekly show where I share some of my own insights and interviews about health. You can listen in through my website www.healthbeginswithmom.com/podcast, iTunes or Stitcher.

2. Join my mailing list – this is where you will be the first to know about events, free training, webinars and anything new that is coming up. You can subscribe to my list on my website at the bottom of any blog post.

Join us at the private FB group and introduce yourself! Tell us who are you a mom and/or a wife to. Tell us something fun about yourself and what is your favorite food?

See you in the comments 

Love having you here!!


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