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dorit palvanovYou might be wondering who’s the person behind Health Begins With Mom?

Well, that’s me, Dorit Palvanov. I am a wife, mother of three girls and my passion is to help women and girls take back control of their bodies and health through establishing a positive relationship with food.

Health Begins With Mom is my home online, and I am so happy you came to visit!

Dear Mom, Have You Ever Felt:

  • Overwhelmed by all the “healthy” food choices and unsure which one is actually a good choice for your family
  • Frustrated because your toddler is constantly having a runny nose and recurring colds and infections
  • Angry because you let your own body and health deteriorate while you tended to everyone else’s needs and now you don’t know how to get back on track
  • Confused by all the conflicting advice you read on Facebook mommy groups
  • Disappointed from your doctor and pediatrician who tell you that you or your child have nothing, and that “it’s all in your head“, while you or your child are clearly having symptoms that affect your quality of life
  • Like a bad mom because you were so tired and instead of feeding your child broccoli, you opted for frozen french fries
  • Guilty for feeding your kids with “garbage” because you are so busy with work and managing the house
  • Tired, exhausted, unmotivated, bloated, constipated, with very little sex drive and intense cravings that you can’t control

Or maybe you just want easy to understand and practical real food guidance for you and your family from accredited and trusted nutrition practitioner who has YOUR best interest and health in mind?

You Are in The RIGHT PLACE!

As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

There is too much nonsense, opposing and conflicting views, confusion and big business around food, nutrition and family health.

My Personal Story 

Prior to becoming a mom, I didn’t really care much about health or nutrition (can relate to that?). We don’t really understand the importance of this stuff until we become parents and actually feel responsible for another human being!

I grew up in a household where food was always made, so I never learned how to cook, and after getting married, hubby and I loved to go out and eat in restaurants. Life was great! Or, so I thought…

Then, our first daughter was born, who was a happy and healthy baby during her first year of life until she started attending a daycare. That’s when things started to shift for us. Daycare was great for her, and she loved it, except she was sick ALL THE TIME! When I say sick, I don’t mean snotty nose or a mild cough, she had recurrent strep throat infections every other week! I was scared, exhausted, and couldn’t understand how was it possible that a person would get an infection and the same exact thing two weeks later? I asked other parents and of course, spend hours at the doctors’ office and emergency rooms and the collective response was “don’t worry, all kids go through this, it will get better. Just give her some medication and it will pass”.

Common sense told me that something wasn’t right and it was time for me to do some research. So I stocked up on all the books I could find on the topic of health and nutrition for kids.

What I’ve Learned Has Changed Our Lives Forever…

I changed her diet and within a week her infections were gone! I could not believe that it was as simple as making a little tweak in her diet to get rid of these horrible infections. This makes a lot of sense because children are quick to get sick but also quick to heal, as opposed to adults, who are slower to get sick but also slower to heal.

I can’t say that I had a passion to cook, but my curiosity has gotten me into the kitchen where I have discovered new dishes, new cooking techniques, cleared out my pantry, and slowly changed our entire lifestyle. To my surprise, our daughter ate everything and never complained.

With time, she rarely got sick, which was the natural consequence of the changes I’ve made. She rarely skipped daycare and her teacher even commented that she is the only child who didn’t miss classes for over a year.

This Just Kept Getting Better and Better…

Later, when my second and third girls came along, I have implemented everything I’ve learned the first time around and of course, they got sick very rarely as well. Even when they did get sick, they bounced right back within a day or two. Not only that, but my husband’s seasonal allergy symptoms diminished and he is now able to enjoy and have a relatively good quality of life during allergy season.

This stuff really works!! 

What Does This Mean For You As A Mom?

This means that I can show you how and what to feed your kids in a way that will nourish their growing little bodies, so they will rarely get sick, minimize their need for medications and antibiotics, be super energized and feel good about themselves. All this through the power of food, nutritional supplements and various positive parenting techniques that encourage kids’ learning, curiosity, self-confidence, trust, and self-awareness.

I believe that we moms have huge power and influence over our children. It is our job to teach them how to behave, how to dress up, where to play, who is a safe person (and who isn’t) and eventually how and what to eat.

My Vision

As a women and children health coach, my goal is to see as many healthy kids and as many happy and healthy moms as possible!

I want you to feel great, full of energy and purpose, while your family enjoys real food which is delicious, healthy and, the best part, easy to make!

My vision is to see children grow up without unnecessary drugs, where moms get back the healing power into their hands (or kitchen).

A world where we don’t rely on doctors and other health professionals which motivate us mainly through fear.

A world where we treat food as medicine and pass that wonderful gift on to our children.

This vision helped me to develop a unique coaching program, called Teach Your Kids To Eat Vegetables that will help you feed your family healthily without compromising connecting and bonding with your children.

The biggest advantage of my coaching programs is that they are NOT desolated from reality.

This is how we live, and believe me, I am not a radical mom.

My kids eat fruits, vegetables, seaweed, a lot of greens, but they eat many other foods as well.

Like other kids their age, my kids also love candy, chocolate, and French fries. I allow them to eat not so healthy foods when we go out, when we travel or when we have family functions. Moderation is key.

We don’t live in a bubble. A healthy lifestyle has to be realistic, sustainable and practical for everyone in the household. You can feed your kids healthy and delicious foods which they will enjoy and the result of that would be less frequent colds, less frequent medication intake, and a balanced body.

This way, if kids do happen to eat something not so good, their little bodies won’t be traumatized but stay within their balance which you, mom, are maintaining at home.

A healthy life means healthy habits.

Small changes in the kitchen can make a huge impact on the health of your family members, I have witnessed it myself and am dedicated to sharing what I know with you.

My Magical Kingdom – Your Warm Home

This website is your warm house, here you will find all the resources and information to learn how to lead a healthy family and how to raise healthy kids.

Tune into my podcats, where I share some of my own insights and bring on guests from the world of health and wellness and together we explore the question – what does it take to thrive as women, wives, and mothers.

You are welcome to join my FB community of like-minded moms, where you’ll get tools, videos, blog posts, tips, recipes, programs and much more to inspire and show you everything you need to accomplish your job as a mom and feel good about your job as a mother.

If you need someone professional to motivate you, hand in hand, Let’s talk. I offer a 30 minutes complimentary consultation for all new moms who are ready to start but don’t know how.

To your family’s health!



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