The Ingredients of a Healthy Kitchen Program

Detox your kitchen in 6 weeks, and replace bad ingredients with healthier ones so that you never feel ‘guilty’ or ‘worried sick’ about what you or your kids eat. Get DetailsEnroll Now

Are you a mom with young kids?

Are you overwhelmed by conflicting health advice on social media, blogs & magazines?

Do you have picky eaters, or kids who don’t like vegetables?

Do you feel like you just don’t know what to eat?

Are you struggling with meal planning?

Are you looking for healthier recipes online but never seem to have these “weird” ingredients?

Do you feel ‘worried sick’ that your child is not getting proper nourishment from what they eat?

Are you feeling guilty that you are feeding your kids unhealthy foods?

Then, read on… I have a solution for You! 

Hi, my name is Dorit Palvanov

doritI’m a a wife and a mother of three young girls (4 & 7 year old girls, and a new baby). I’m a registered holistic nutritionist specializing in pediatrics and family nutrition. I’m also known in my community as “The Ingredient Lady” 🙂

As a pediatric nutritionist, I noticed over and over again that most families are feeling confused and overwhelmed with regards to specific products they purchase for their families, cooking with healthier ingredients and the cost of healthy living.

To clear some of this overwhelm I started inviting moms into my own kitchen and showing them first hand how I do it, how I set up my kitchen, which ingredients I use and which are my most trusted brands. And this is how I was turned into “The Ingredient Lady” as people started asking me questions regarding specific products, ingredients and brands and more and more moms insisted on seeing how I do it in my own home.

Prior to meeting with me, most moms were anxious, worried, confused and deflated. For whatever reason they had a picture in their minds that eating healthy is hard and very expensive, and basically will never happen to them. They were certain that kids won’t eat the “healthier foods” and that without support they cannot do the change.

However, after seeing how another mom does it, all of a sudden they felt like it is not so hard – It is actually possible and it doesn’t look hard at all!

I’ve created a 6 weeks transformative online program which is designed to take you from having no clue about healthy eating to replacing the unhealthy ingredients, to then incorporating the higher quality products in recipes and your daily life.

How will your life get easier with this program?

Kids will get sick less often (maybe once or twice in a year and only for a couple of days)

Know how to read and understand the ingredients on packaged foods

Energy levels will go up

Feeling confident with regards to what kids eat

Kids are much more curious about new foods, and actually agree to try most of it

Less sick days in general for everyone at home

Maintain a stable weight without dieting

Know what boxed foods to stay away from

Here’s what moms say about the program:

“I have an understanding of what certain food do for our body and I purchase much more of those healthy foods. I read labels to see the ingredients contained in the food. I buy many more vegetables and fruits and have them pre-cut or washed so they are available to eat.I purchase more natural foods (ie. raw honey) and make many more foods at home now myself instead of store bought!” Mandy G

Mom of 3 girls

“I liked that the information and tips that you provide are never pushed or meant to scare. You understand that family life is hard and try to present easy, simple steps to making healthier choices.” Jacky N

Mom of 2 girls

What You Will Learn In The Program:

Healthy Drinks & Liquids

Discover the best water filtration system for your home, teas, coffee, juices and smoothies. Bonus downloads include:

  • 10 recipes for kid friendly raw juices
  • 10 recipes for kid friendly smoothies
  • 5 must have herbal teas to keep in your pantry
  • a comparison of water filtration systems

Healthier Alternatives to Pantry Must-haves

Oils, salt, herbs & spices, sugar/sweeteners. Bonus downloads include:

  • 5 must have spices and their healing power
  • 9 healthier replacements to sugar
  • best replacements for table salt
  • guide for choosing the best cooking oil for different heating temperatures

The Healthy Fridge

Discover the best way to buy vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry & fish, dairy & eggs. Bonus downloads include:

  • Must-have list of seasonal fruits
  • Must-have list of seasonal vegetables
  • Julie Daniluk’s Anti-Inflammatory Food pyramid
  • A Weekly Healthy Shopping list

Grains, Beans & Legumes

Bonus downloads include:

  • List of beans according to their nutritional value and their cooking times
  • List of healthiest breads on the marketratures

Healthy Snacks & Fast Food For You & Your Kids

Discover the best way to buy nuts & seeds, prepare healthy snacks & guilt free sweets. Bonus downloads include:

  • An extensive list of healthy sweets and snacks
  • Including specific brand names, as well as
  • Recipes for homemade versions of some of the recommended products

Maintain what you’ve transformed

Bonus downloads include:

  • Replacing toxic containers and cookware with healthier alternatives
  • The healthy kitchen must have utensils
  • Must have kitchen appliances to make healthy cooking a breeze
  • Building new habits and the cost of healthy living
  • Checklist of the kitchen sections according to what we’ve learned

A simple program that is already helping other moms

“I completely changed my whole outlook on food and nutrition. I have learned the difference between “real” food Vs “plastic” (processed) food. I have stopped buying anything processed and only buy natural non-processed foods now. I have no issue with my kids going into my pantry since all of my snacks are nutritious and do not have processed sugars, salt, preservatives or dyes in it. My house does not have any pop, chips or sweets and kids know they can only have these things occasionally when we go to birthdays or events and therefore rarely ask for it at home. My son, who was very hyper, is now much calmer and performs better at school and home. My husband and myself feel much less bloated and healthier.” Irit G

Mom of 3 boys

“A year and a half ago I had a consultation with Dorit Palvanov about how to stop my son and I from getting sick, how to establish healthy habits for both of us, and how to transform what I thought was healthy cooking into truly healthy cooking. I stuck with all her recommendations and the results are amazing! As I get to know her, I continue to be inspired by her dedication to being a healthy mom who is raising a healthy family. The most important job a mom has is being a mom, which means taking care both of yourself and your kids. Everything else is secondary.” Julia P

Mom of 1 son

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